joi, 15 octombrie 2015

New wedding dresses from CocoMelody

 Today, I will show you a site about wedding dresses. It is Cocomelody. I wrote once about it, but then I showed you homecoming dresses. This time, we have to look after wedding dresses. It is an important issue for any woman when she want to become bride. For this reason,  I come today to help this women to make the best choice. I'm unmarried, so this topic is very important for me. At first, I was surprised that I found on site many dresses. Also, the dresses can be made in several colors, which rarely happens on the usual sites. My friends who are married have told to me that when they found a beautiful wedding dress, could not find the desired color. On this site, you will not face this problem. With most dress, you can choose between the colors white, ivore or champagne.
  It was very hard to me to show you some of my favorite dresses because they are all gorgeous. Beach wedding dresses caught my attention, so I will show you two dresses.I like unique dresses. First dress is most suitable for engagement by the mayor.

   The second dress I would wear at church in my big day. I would choose the dress in pure white. 
The price of this dress is 199$. I say it's worth because in Romania a dress like this costs 500$ or more. Moreover, if you have extra kilos, you could not find your size. This problem can be solved on Cocomelody site. These two dresses can be found in category Destination wedding dresses.

  On this site, it's avaible a great promotion. You can have discounts  of 20%, 40% and 60% if your order exceeds 200$, 300$, 400$. For more informations, visit the website.

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