marți, 11 august 2015

Homecoming Dresses from Cocomelody

  Hello, girls!
  Today, I want to talk about a new website - Cocomelody -  that sells wedding dresses, dresses for special occasion, accesories. On this site, I am looking for a dress to wear to a wedding party. I do not know if I would like a short or a long dress. but I will show my favorites and I hope to help me choose.
  What I like the most about this store? Well..I like the fact that I can choose color of the dress. Black, Blue, Green, White, Champagne..and many more. Ofter, it happens to like a dress pattern, but not color. That is why this online store is perfect for me.
  I was surprised when I saw that prices are very ok. I found cheap homecoming dresses under 100 dollars. In Homecoming category, dresses prices start from 22,93 $. What more can you want?
  Here, you can found homecoming dresses 2015. Look on the website and I'm sure that you will found what you want.
  This dress  is priced at 39 dollars and it has 40% discount.  If you want another color, you have to pay other 19 dollars, but you can choose from a huge range of colors.

  I love blue color and this dress princess style. Wearing a dress like this, I would feel great. I think this dress makes me look fabulous. This dress is made of tulle and costs 99$. It is a very good price for a dress so special, not? 

  This dress resembles the one before, but it is longer. At first glance, you thought it has a high price, but it is not. This beautiful dress costs only 25,87 dollars.

So..what dress you think I choose for next wedding? I'm waiting your opinion.

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