luni, 27 iulie 2015

Great jackets from TBDress

   TBDress is a site that I discovered recently. Here you can find cheap clothes for all tastes. Blouses, shirts, jeans, swimwear? All this can be found here. Also, you can discover pants for women at
   But what I've been looking on this site? Well..I looked after plus size cheap women jackets. And I found a lot of products that I like. I looked for quality and good prices. And I found everything I wanted and more than that.
  This is a casual jacket that I would buy it without thinking too much. I love this combination of gray and black. The lenght seems perfect!

   I have a confession. I love leather jackets. This jacket has a very good price (28, 39 $). The discount is 65%, but there are less than 14 hours when you can benefit from this price.
  This jacket is perfect for cold winter days. Why should you buy a winter coat in the middle of the summer? Because, in this season items for winter have much better prices. As you can see, the original price of this jacket is 100 dollars. If you buy it now, you have to pay only 29,89 $ (70% discount).

  It is a very interesting jacket. The color is not usual and this is why I love it. Discount is 75%. What more can you want?

What do you think about these jackets?

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